Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hop like a bunny and come have some funny on April 30th!

Cheesy, but attention grabbing. :) Our February dance was a big success, and I am hoping that you will join me in making April 30th to make it an even bigger success! From 7-10 pm, at frontier Junior High in Graham we will be having our dance for the month of April. Its sure to be fun with a host of reels, squares and waltz's throughout the night! Never danced before? No Problem! Graham Can Dance offers a no pressure environment to learn in, and as you learn you will be having a blast with others from your community. Like always, dress is casual and the night is great, so we hope you will join us for this wonderful opportunity. See you out on the floor! Gabrielle

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another Chance to Dance!

Happy New Year!
In honor of 2010, I have created a solution to all of our New Years resolutions! Whether your goals are to lose weight, get out with the family, de-stress, or meet some new people, we have the answer! Can you guess what it is? A Square Dance!!
On January 22nd we will be having our 5th Graham Can Dance, and we are very excited to be coming back to Frontier Junior Highschool and meeting such wonderful folks as yourselfs. From 7- 10 pm, we will be sure to have a blast as we laugh and swing on the floor.
I am beginning the process of getting the flyers out, so make sure to get one and share them with friends!
Good Luck with those resolutions!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Sunny Day in Graham

Hi All,
I just returned from another great Graham Youth Advisory Meeting, and was delighted to find that the sun was shining. (Woo-hoo from my fellow Washingtonians!) At today's meeting, we discussed where we were going with our group, and how we would handle the upcoming season, working with and around Thanksgiving and Christmas.
This season, Graham Youth is doing a sort of 'Fall Cleaning.' Basically, we are getting all our things in order and prepping for another round of dancing and whatever else we can come up with! We cant wait to be back at Frontier and out on the floor.
On that subject, I never sent out an update for how are September 25th Square Dance went, and in case you weren't able to make it, we all had a lot of fun. The music and people were fabulous, and we cant wait to do it again. If you're like us and you just cant wait for another toe-tapping dance, I would highly suggest heading over to the Dare to Be Square website, they are having a weekend of dancing going on this November, and I will be attending, so be sure to say hi if you participate or come to one of there public dances.
But back to what we are doing in Graham, I am very excited to say that we are planning to get together students from the Bethel district so we can grow the Youth Advisory Board, and what better way to get involved with the community? I am looking forward to getting to know the people of Graham better in the last legs of 2010.
Well, that's about it for today, but you'll be seeing more of me here now that I am back in the swing of things. Looking forward to another great year!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Upcoming Dance~ July 24th

Yep, that's our next dance! I am so excited to be doing it again and am going to give it all I've got to make it a huge success. We will be spreading the word at Grazing in Graham (Sponsored by Graham Business Association, or GBA) on the very same day of the dance, and are really looking to bring in the community to these programs. Hopefully with each dance and event we will continue doing just that as we go on.
This dance will be in the Gym at Frontier Junior High, and will run from 7-10 pm. Our caller this month will be Tony Mates, and as for the band, our good friends, the Meyer's Family Band.
Cost remains at $5 a person and $15 dollars a family. Got any ideas for how we could improve this event? Let me know at
Hope to see you on the 24th!

Recap of May 22nd Dance

I never got around to posting about the results of our first dance, it was wonderful with 70 people out on the floor at one time, and even more in the crowd! Everyone had a blast, and I hate to say it, but I told you so! I would like to sincerely thank all the people that came out for this event, you guys made my day. Thank you for that.
The music was beautiful and so was the sight that I got to see as I watched you guys dance, and what a great bunch of dancers there was! You picked it up so fast, in no time you were swinging like a pro!
I will have to put up some of the photos we took for you to enjoy, I know I did! As always, any questions or comments can be sent to me at

Drops of Brandy - Phil & Vivian Williams

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This is going to be an AMAZING time for yall to show your stuff and get FUNKY!! Haha, no, really, (its just a squaredance... :D) So, put on your cowboy hats, boots and chaps and dress is CASUALL!! SO MUCH FUN TO BE HAD!! If you would like to volunteer for this GREAT WONDERFUL TERRIFIC EVENT I guarantee, you will have FUN!
We have a LIVE band (wouldnt want a dead one!) funny caller (youd hope!) and an amazing raffle! (consisting of a 3-FOOT LONG SUBWAY SANDWICH (YOU KNOW U WANT IT!)) Yes, it is going to be FUN!! Tickets can be pre-reserved, so LET ME KNOW! A family event for ALL. $5 a person, and $15 dollars a family, WHAT A DEAL!!! If you are under 18, do not let this event fly by, TELL YOUR PARENTS!! Also, we will be having this event, with 2x the fun, make that 10x the fun, on JUNE 26TH!!! I REPEAT<>
7-10 pm
Questions, comments, or lessons on how to use caps lock, email me at:
Seriously. It will be a BLAST!!